Disabled Visitors

Disabled visitors are very welcome and the museum is fully accessible.

Mobility Impaired Visitors

There is a level entrance with power operated doors. Blue badge holders may park cars on the street right outside. There are two lifts, one to the mezzanine floor and the other from that floor to the first floor. For those who can manage the stairs there are handrails both sides of all staircases. An accessible toilet is provided. Wheelchair users may enjoy all the exhibitions except that they cannot enter the cabin of Coronis. A virtual tour is provided as an alternative. Whenever necessary, low-level versions of exhibition materials are provided.

Wheelchair ramp to the wharf

Visually-Impaired Visitors

For those with some vision, we have colour-contrasting stair edges and the lighting is designed to be friendly to visually-impaired people. A large-print version of our miniguide is available. For those with little or no vision we offer a free audio tour specifically designed for the visually-impaired. There are ribbed mats at the top and base of every staircase. Our oral history listening posts have captions in Braille.

Hearing-Impaired Visitors

Most of the exhibitions are visual. There are sub-titles on the archive film displays and on the interactive presentation of Carlo Gatti and the ice trade. Some of our oral history presentations have transcripts available.

Learning Disability

All our more modern exhibitions are designed on the basis of an introductory text in simple language, followed by a second level where more complex information is give. In addition the museum exhibitions make heavy use of imagery and graphics.


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