Explore Hanwell Locks

Guided tour 4

Restored paddles for side pond Lock 96

Restored side pond paddle gear at Lock 96, above

Lock 97

Lock 97 above is the bottom lock of the flight.

Lock 97 ponds

The side ponds at the bottom lock, Lock 97, have been restored although there is a limited maintenance resource available and they are not often used

A white metal pillar with machinery attached

Restored paddle gear at Lock 97. The pinion is wound with a windlass, a sort of crank handle and this pulls the rack upwards in a shaft, raising the paddle that is attached beneath.

A footbridge over a river flowing into the canal

At the bottom of the flight the river Brent flows into the canal and the section ahead is a canalised river, with characteristics of both canals and rivers. There is a footbridge to carry the towpath over the river.

Footbridge over river with barges in the foreground

This archive image shows the scene at the bottom of the locks where the river Brent joins the canal

Large painted sign on stand reads

The Fox is the name of an almost-canal-side pub at the bottom of the locks.

We hope you have enjoyed touring Hanwell Locks online with us. A version of this tour intended for use whilst at the location, with a smartphone, is in preparation and will be added to our mobile website canalmuseum.mobi along with, in the future, other walking guides around areas of London's canals. The last picture, below, was taken from a tall mast in 2009 in preparation for the Water and Locks exhibition at the museum.

A view from above of a lock with other locks in the distance