Short-term Mooring

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The museum has space for two full-length narrowboats to moor temporarily. During the times when the museum is open, these spaces are exclusively for the use of people visiting the museum. However, on days when the museum is closed mooring is available at any time and for more than one day at a time. You must not moor when the museum is open, other than for the purpose of visiting.

Mooring times

Moorings is from 1600 to 1000 next day (except when the museum is closed). You can only book for one night if the museum is open the next day.

The museum is currently closed every day until an expected re-opening date of May 20th


The charge is £10 per night including VAT for narrowboats and narrow cruisers. For wide-beamed boats the charge is doubled. If you have a wide-beamed boat please book TWO spaces if available.

First, choose your date. Available dates are shown in green. If it is white, it is not available.

Then, on the next screen choose how many spaces you want. One for one narrowboat, two for a wide beamed boat or a pair of narrowboats. Any boat wider than 7 feet is a wide-beam. You will then go on to pay by card so please have a payment card ready.