Museums at Night

20th May 2017

An immersive performance from Rossini di Salvo with musicias and dancers

Italian Composer Rosolino di Salvo presents an immersive musical and multi-sensory experience including sculpture, sound, light, and dance, using modern techniques of electro-accoustic music that are inspired by the oldest recorded music known to man. Not just a concert, this will be an experience.

The dancer moves on a base rhythm of the music which is carved in stone of an archaic world. A distant time that comes to us, as if the body draws curves of an ancient melody that is now reinterpreted by contemporary sounds.

Sensory Experience n. 7 is an emotional landscape that is based on Seikilos Epitaph, the oldest complete musical composition, including of the musical notation, from anywhere in the world (variously dated from about 200 BC to about 100 AD. The melody of this ancient work is recorded, alongside its lyrics, in the ancient Greek musical notation. It was was found engraved on a tombstone (a stele) from the Hellenistic town Tralles near Aydin, Turkey, not far from Ephesus. It is a Hellenistic ionic song in either the Phrygian octave species or Iastian tonos.

Seikilos to Euterpe is the title of the music and dance performance that the musician/composer Rosolino Di Salvo has written. It involves a dancer, two violinists, and a sound sculpture created by artist Angela Corti. He playes an electric guitar himself. It is a composition of soundscapes, and electro-acoustic music, which creates a portrait of sound and an emotional environment projected in a contemporary vision using structures inspired by Cage, Stockhausen, Reich, Part.

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