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Until July 1st 2018 London's Lost Canals

Beneath streets and new developments of London, lie nine canals and navigations that failed to make it to the 21st Century. Dive into the unknown story of London’s lost canals created from the 1680s to the 1830s and trace the reasons their downfall and total disappearance. Lack of traffic, the competition of the railways and pure neglect all contributed to their loss and with them went the countless twists and tales of the waterways. Learn about: Wren's great disaster - an elegant construction, ruined by pollution! The world's largest fishing fleet, based in Barking! The origin of Tabloid Newspapers The dangers of a first world war aerodrome running on the marshland alongside the canal Drownings and great heroism

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We offer a range of special events. On the first Thursday evening of each month (except August) there is an illustrated talk by a visiting speaker on a subject related to canals or industrial history. The admission charge is the same as for normal admission. The talk starts at 1930 and usually ends at around 2100.

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