Short-term Mooring

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The museum has space for two full-length narrowboats to moor temporarily. During the times when the museum is open, these spaces are exclusively for the use of people visiting the museum. However, on days when the museum is closed mooring is available at any time and for more than one day at a time. You must not moor when the museum is open, other than for the purpose of visiting.

Booking for the mooring can only be made online, you cannot book the mooring by telephone or in person.

Mooring times

Moorings is from 1600 to 1000 next day (except when the museum is closed). You can only book for one night if the museum is open the next day.

The museum is currently open 1000-1630 on Fridays Saturdays Sundays and bank holiday Mondays - when the museum is open you can ONLY be moored outside for the purpose of visiting the museum.


The charge is £10 per night including VAT for narrowboats and narrow cruisers. For wide-beamed boats the charge is doubled. If you have a wide-beamed boat please book TWO spaces if available.

First, choose your date. Available dates are shown in green. If it is white, it is not available.

Then, on the next screen choose how many spaces you want. One for one narrowboat, two for a wide beamed boat or a pair of narrowboats. Any boat wider than 7 feet is a wide-beam. You will then go on to pay by card so please have a payment card ready.

Mooring for two or more nights

You can book two (or more) consecutive nights when the museum is closed, so currently you could book Sunday and Monday, Monday and Tuesday, Tuesday and Wednesday, or Wednesday and Thursday, leaving at 1000 on Friday morning. (but not over a bank holiday Monday). You CANNOT do this if one of the days is Friday or Saturday. If you book a Thursday night, you cannot book Friday, if you book Friday, you cannot book Saturday, if you book Saturday, you cannot book Sunday. We are sometimes asked if two nights can be booked if the boat is moved during the intervening day and the answer is no, we do not permit this. You can ONLY book more than one night if the museum is closed on the day in between.

The policy boils down to a very simple rule - when the museum is open we don't allow mooring unless you're visiting, and you cannot moor the night before and the night after a day when the museum is open. If you book a mooring that's not permitted we will cancel your booking.


Electricity is available from a stanchion on the wharf. Water is available from a tap on the wall. To get the code for the padlock please e-mail on the day of arrival, or ask staff if staff are present. For the entry and exit gate code please do the same, on the day of arrival.

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Local Information


Nearest hospital with A and E department is University College Hospital, along the Euston Road, just past Euston station

The postcode is N1 9RT. The "what 3 words" location is "cover.submit.storm".

The nearest pharmacy is on Caledonian Road, turn left on New Wharf Road, right onto All Saints' Street, and at the end turn left. A Boots pharmacy on St. Pancras Station is open for longer hours


King's Cross has a variety of shops. The largest supermarket is Tesco Metro, turn right onto New Wharf Road and keep going straight. A small Sainsbury's is on Pentonville Road and there is a 24 hour Co-Op on Caledonian Road north of the canal. There is a DIY shop on Caledonian Road, on the east side, a few hundred metres to the north. There are plenty of restaurants and the Indian restaurants in the area near the south end of Caledonian Road offer good value for money. There are various other restaurants and fast food outlets and several pubs serving meals.

Pump Out

The museum does not have this facility